Quick pics!

Hello and happy Sunday!

I know everyone always says they had a “busy week,” but I actually feel like mine was exceptionally out of control. I really can’t get a good summary out of my brain, because it was just a whirlwind. But here are some of the highlights:

  • I wasn’t feeling good Monday and Tuesday. I actually went home after 2 class periods on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday was a national testing day, so that was fun for everybody.
  • Thursday, hmm… don’t remember.
  • Friday was actually a great day. It was sunny and all my classes were in the computer lab which is FULL of windows (my normal room does not have windows). That made me pretty happy. Drove down to the city right after work and went out in the evening. I got to hang out with my mom and my adorable little puppy (he’s not really a puppy, but we pretend he is).


  • Saturday was another gorgeous day! My mom and I spent almost the entire day outside with the dog. He was loving laying in the sun and getting attention from a ton of strangers. I think it’s those big brown eyes 🙂



  • Sunday will be a chillaxing day, as every Sunday should be. I’m going to plan for the week and go for a solid medium distance run outside! Spring, please don’t go away.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and RUN HAPPY 🙂



Birthday, strength training and FOOD!


I know I’ve mentioned it multiple times, but just to remind you, my little sister’s 21st was a week ago… the celebrating hasn’t stopped. We’re not a birthday celebrating obsessed family, but I think birthdays are an excuse for ALL of us to get together (and feel guilty for not making time to be there ha).


Sis wanted to go to Mastros downtown for dinner. Mom, dad, sisters and their boyfriends all came! So rare for all of us to be together… I was in heaven :). Mastros is a steakhouse, so I was kind of concerned that they wouldn’t offer anything veggie friendly. I was thrilled to see that the side dish section of their menu was HUGE. There were probably more veggie side dishes than meaty main courses. When the server asked if we had any questions, I made a kind of sarcastic comment about what vegetarians could eat, and he actually had a great answer: choose any 3 side dishes and we’ll sauté them together. I was very happy with that option, especially because their veggie side dishes all sounded amazing. Maybe I can even use this trick at other restaurants. Thanks man 🙂

Strength training:

I was definitely suckered into a free personal training session at my gym. The trainer said he could help strengthen my back, and I’m always hungry for any solution to fix my pain. I was very impressed with his approach to build up the muscles not only in my back, but those connected in the posterior chain. We did a good amount of squatting (no bar), lunging, and stabilization stretching. At the very end, we did some stretching too. He gave me the most amazing shoulder stretch I’ve ever experienced. I was on cloud 14 when the session was over. I’ve tried to recreate the stretch unassisted, but I have not yet been successful. Once I figure it out, I will share :).

I’ve been feeling the session for the last couple days mostly in my butt. However, nothing too bad that’s inhibiting my running. Yesterday’s run was a little tougher than usual, but running when you’re sore and tired is a great way to build endurance; kind of similar to a basketball player shooting free throws after running ladders.


One of my gym friends and I got into a conversation with the same trainer about food. Both of us were really curious about the trainer’s diet (whose not curious about a trainer’s diet?), and what he thought about certain foods. Actually, I think the conversation started because my friend and I were arguing about whether pretzels are high in cholesterol. I obviously won that argument- pretzels are not made with animal products therefore they’re low in/free of cholesterol.

Anyways, the food that most caught my attention was squash/zucchini noodles. I know this isn’t a new thing, but I’ve never thought to try it. I always figured that normal pasta is good for me as a vegetarian and runner. I also didn’t think that veggie noodles could satisfy my hanger. I decided to give it a shot and I LOVED IT! I’ve made it twice since we had this conversation: once with zucchini noodles and once with butternut squash noodles. They were both delicious, low prep and super fast to make (you can eat the noodles raw too if you’re into that).

Here’s what I did:

  • Bought the noodles fresh from the grocery store (I didn’t make them myself)
  • Cut up some other veggies and sautéd them in some olive oil (I used broccoli, sweet peppers, and snap peas between the two)
  • Added some black pepper and Italian seasoning
  • Dropped in the noodles and cooked them for about 3 minutes. I didn’t want them to get mushy, so I just kind of heated them through to get the raw taste out.
  • Poured in some low-sodium spicy pasta sauce (excessive salt gives me migraines). I really dislike pasta sauce, but I gave it a shot. I spent about 10 minutes in the pasta aisle to find the lowest sodium jar ha.
  • Tossed it up. Threw it in a bowl. Sat on the couch and ate while watching New Girl. That last step, the couch and New Girl one, is absolutely necessary to get the full deliciousness of the pasta.


  • Sent the above picture to my sister to show off my masterpiece. You should do that too when you try it 🙂

I’m pretty sure this will become a staple in my diet. I’m all about quick, easy and flavorful meals after hanging out with high schoolers all day.

Other random info you probably don’t care about:

I finally saw Beauty and the Beast last night… I looooovvveeedddd it. We were not a princess movie family growing up, so the storyline was fresh to me. I think the production was beautiful and highly entertaining. I usually fall asleep during movies, but I stayed wide awake. I recommend that every person on the planet see this movie. Dad, I’ll take you to see it 🙂

Saw this on Instagram and I felt like the world (at least Julianne Hough) finally understands me:


Enjoy your Saturday and get in a good sweat 🙂